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This blog will try to follow the planting, growth and maturation primarily fruits and vegetables that grow in our small family garden, and assorted herbs and flowers. What is important to note that all fruits about which I wrote, is cultivated in the traditional way, completely natural, without pesticides and other poisons. If we use anything, it will be something like the cupric sulfate or a minimum of fertilizer just to protection and topdressing. Please note that it is not organic farming. Fruits and vegetables grown in our garden is smaller and a bit grubby, but doesn`t care. It has a hundred times sweeter flavor and what`s more important, it`s healthier.

Do you remember the true taste of strawberries? Maybe tomato`s taste? I think that privilege have only those who cultivate these cultures in their own gardens.

And when I`m talking about tomato … I remember childhood and jumping into gardens in neighborhood as soon as we saw ripe tomato balls that aflame in the sun. We would just pick them and rub them on pants with hands more dirtily of these heavenly juicy dumplings, quickly throw them into our mouths, while the juice squeezed along elbows after bites.

The richness of taste that is felt when eating food grown this like is invaluable, whether they are consumed unprepared and separately or prepared in a dish. So I’m going to add some recipe with each post. Some recipes that I post will be mine and some of them will be carefully selected and tested.

Posts will be complemented by photos. I want to dissociate myself, I`m not professional photographer. I was thinking while I was preparing these writings, not to say a “project”, to take over some free pictures from the Internet and put it on my pages. They are beautiful and attracted attention. When you look at food on these photos, immediately starts Pavlov’s conditioned involuntary reflex in the corner of your lips. On contrary,

I made a decision, with a brief but very clear advice of my best friend and life partner. I will make images by myself. However they look, they`ll be mine. Sometimes made by android, sometimes by ordinary digital camera, they`ll be made with love and care. And what is most important, they’ll be original and directly associated with the topic.20150920_131208

I`m not a farmer or an expert for plants, also. Certainly I am not a super extraordinary housewife and virtuoso at the stove. I’m just a person who loves to eat delicious meals and enjoy their occasional preparation. Sometimes, my preparations are unsuccessful. I will set them too, so we can comment them andmaybe together find the best recipe.

Therefore, the main goal of this blog is to promote quality, natural fruits and vegetables, untreated with pesticides, and call for the awakening of awareness among people so that they don`t use or at least use fewer toxins in food cultivation.

I also hope you will enjoy reading my posts.

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